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(RO/EN) Fotografiile mele cu stropi de ploaie / My ‘rain drop’ pictures

Așa cum deja probabil știți, locuiesc în Anglia de o vreme și cum toată lumea știe aici plouă 6,5 din 7 zile așa că de ce să nu profit și să fac câteva poze cu stropi de ploaie?

As you already know I live in England for a while and everybody knows that here it rains 6,5 of 7 days a week so why not take advantage of this and take some nice pictures?

melc stropi ploaie

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Places to visit in Romania

As I said before, I’m living in the UK for almost three years and my colleagues and friends from here are asking me how is Romania, is it worth visiting it, what you can see?

If you’ll ask people around Europe if they know something about Romania, 70% will probably say Dracula. But there are a lot of nice things to do or places to visit in Romania starting with mountains where you can ski or sea (the Black Sea) where you can have a great and relaxing time.

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