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This month is a year since I do everything from home. I’m working from home, I have meetings online, I don’t remember the last time I saw my family or friends in real life. Therefore, I also do exercises / workouts from home.

I don’t know what it’s like for you, but for me it’s taught to get started. At least, at the gym you can’t just go there and do nothing, you’re kind of motivated by the others. You have to do something.

From home it’s a bit difficult to find the motivation but I’m trying my best as I gained a few more kg in this period. I discovered a few YouTube channels that offer free home workouts that I enjoy and make me come back the next day.

Fitseveneleven it’s a gym from Germany and they have an YouTube channel with a variety of workouts: HIIT, bodyweight workouts, zumba, yoga. I loved the zumba workouts with this guy Tanju that gives you so much energy.

Pamela Reif is a influencer / youtuber from Germany as well, a really nice girl which is sooooo fit. She also shares various workouts that you can do from home. I like that she posts workout plans every week on her Instagram for both beginners and the most advanced.

Chloe Ting is also a very fit youtuber from Australia. She also has a variety of workout videos for abs, legs, booty, and on her website you will find all the programs including the well-known 2 Weeks Shred Challenge.

I am very motivated by the music wich is not a plus for Chloe comparing witn Pamela.

Madfit is a competitive dancer from Canada best known for her song workouts. Recently she also started to create monthly programs and the first one can be found here.

If you want a slower workout, based more on flexibility and stretching, I recommend yoga. Yoga with Adriene  is a highly watched youtube channel worldwide. Adriene is a yoga instructor and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. He has a very warm voice that relaxes you and explains every move step by step.

For none of the above recommendations you do not need special equipment. Recommended would be a gym mat and relaxed clothes so there are no excuses! Let’s workout!💪

You can find here the romanian version of this article

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